Tenant Qualifying:

We look at everything as a whole prior approving or denying

TWO forms of identification must be submitted with Lease. ID should be verified that it matches applicants on the lease.

Employment History:
Stable employment verification is required and written proof of income is to be submitted with application. A letter of employment or new employment (offer letter) is acceptable.

Total household income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent (gross) to qualify.

Roommates must complete separate applications. Income from alimony, child support, commissions, etc. must be submitted in writing.

Credit History:
We process each applicant’s credit report. Collections from previous landlord or apartment community are an automatic denial. Must be in good standing.

Rental History:
We must obtain verifiable rental or mortgage payment history. Must be in good standing.

Criminal History:
A criminal background report is completed on each applicant. The system we use will communicate if it is a pass of fail. Anyone over the age of 18 occupying the home must be listed on application and should meet all qualifications unless it is a child of an applicant then they can be listed as an occupant on the lease but a criminal background check of anyone 18 or older is to be completed.

Two heart beats maximum per bedroom (Single family housing only unless zoned multi family then you can use the two heartbeats per room).

Questions? Contact our Leasing Specialist at 770.718.5262