HOA Management

ACC Administration and Covenant Enforcement

  • Our ACC only package is popular among communities that have an active. Board of Directors who are seeking outside help with enforcing the Covenants and Restrictions. Communities who choose this package continue to self-manage association finances and grounds maintenance. A number of things we do are the so-called “intangibles”, the pro-active things that make living easier for the Board of Directors and the homeowners. The following is the minimum service you can expect to receive when choosing the ACC package:

    • Bi-monthly inspections of each Lot as it relates to the existing Covenants, Restrictions and Design Guidelines
    • Handle all Architectural Control situations, including making bi-monthly inspections of the property and citing violations when necessary. Furnish a list of non-compliant homeowners to the Board of Directors
    • Receive complaints from owners and record these complaints. Advise the Board of Directors, as per guidelines furnished to us, as to the nature of the complaint and action to be taken. Telephone or write letters to homeowners in violation
    • Advise the Board of Directors of any additional action that the association should take in order to correct ACC violations. Appear in court as registered agent for the community for an additional fee as specified by the management contract
    • Administer the ACC Request process on behalf of the Association; receive requests and evaluate them according to standards set in Covenants and/or Design Guidelines; forward requests to the Committee; advise homeowner of outcome in writing
    • Keep accurate and comprehensive records, and maintain an individual file for each owner to contain all correspondence. Store all association ACC records on-site for up to 3 years
    • Have your property manager easily accessible during weekdays to all members of the community
    • Make a representative of Norton available, at an hourly rate, to attend meetings or consult in an advisory capacity for matters that are not included in this service package