HOA Management

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Full Service Management Services

  • The following is the minimum service you can expect from Norton Community Management, LLC. A number of the things we do are the so-called “intangibles,” the pro-active things that make community living easier for the Board of Directors as well as the homeowners.

    • Collect dues, fees, and assessments, in the name of the Association and deposit all funds into a FDIC insured custodial account set up for the Association.
    • Review all invoices for accuracy before payment, pay all invoices when due, and take any allowable discounts. With Board approval, act upon any areas where cost cutting can be achieved.
    • Provide 24/7/365 online access for Board members to view all association accounts and balances. Provide individual homeowners 24/7/365 access to view their personal account records online.
    • Store all records of the Association for up to three years.
    • Keep accurate and comprehensive records and maintain an individual file for each owner, containing all work requests, letters, and other owner correspondence.
    • Provide a monthly income and expense report to the Board of Directors, complete with an itemized list of disbursements, operating account balances, and a list of all delinquent homeowners.
    • Prepare, as needed, any information for attorneys, auditors, and/or accountants.
    • Review delinquent owners each month and take whatever action possible to remedy those delinquencies.
    • Advise the Board of Directors of any legal action we should take to collect funds due to the Association and the appropriate way to take such action.
    • Assist the treasurer in the preparation of the annual operating budget, along with line item explanations where needed, and submit to the Board of Directors for approval.
    • Assist in long range, budgetary planning to ensure the necessary reserves to pay for large capital expenses in order to avoid special assessments.
    • Complete ACC services including monthly inspections, letters, ACC Modification process management etc.